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When writing code we often annotate points of tech debt with TODO or FIXME, sometimes adding a little description of what needs to be done later. Many times these todos are forgotten only to surface when their specific code path is excercised and triggers an error.

"If only we remembered to fix that todo!"
Developer from Earth

Src of Truth finds these todos in your source code on every commit, opening and maintaining a ticket for each unique todo. When that todo is no longer found in your source code the bot closes the ticket for you.


Src of Truth is available at GitHub. More git and issue providers are in the works.


Keeping track of your project can be hard and todos are one of the tried and true methods of measuring what's left on your plate. They are an age old aid to project management that harks back to the days when plain text was king and programming was a dark, dark art. Src of Truth wants you to move quickly and keep your eyes in your editor without losing sight of what's important.


  • Write your todos in your favorite language:
    • 68+ supported languages
    • 120 filetypes
  • Issues are automatically created for each unique todo.
    • Issues are assigned to the author by default.
    • Todos found using assignment syntax TODO(some_user) will be assigned to some_user.
    • Issues are updated to display nice links to their location in your source code.
    • Issue descriptions show a list of branches the todo has been found on.
    • Issues are closed automatically with nice comments when the todo is removed from the source.
  • Include or exclude branches using regular expressions.
  • Include or exclude files and directories using regular expressions.

How much?

The next ~200 installs are free.


Any bugs, requests or comments should be directed to the public issues repo.