source-of-truth is a github bot for tracking todos and technical debt in source code. FAQ

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When writing code we often annotate our tech debt with TODO or FIXME, sometimes adding a little description of what needs to be done later. Many times these todos are forgotten only to surface when their specific code path is excercised and causes problems.

"If only we remembered to fix that todo!"

-- every developer at some point or another

source-of-truth finds these todos in your source code on every push, opening and maintaining a ticket for each unique todo. When that todo is no longer found in your source code the bot closes the ticket for you.

Here's an example.

Here's another.


Currently only on GitHub. Soon on Gitlab. If there's any interest at all it may end up on Bitbucket + JIRA.


I wanted to build a service and all the infrastructure to support it. I thought I had chosen a very well defined and rather easy domain to tackle. As it turns out tracking todos in source code can be quite complex!

The plan is to eventually charge a small subscription fee to pay for the infrastructure costs. GitHub has a policy where your app needs at least 250 installations before your app qualifies for their marketplace, so any installation of source-of-truth before hitting the 250 mark will be free.


Any bugs, requests or comments can be directed to the public issues repo.


Can source-of-truth see my source code?

Yes. It reads your source code and finds the todos in it. A human never reads and never will read your source code.

Can source-of-truth see my private repos?

Only if you want it to, and tell it to. You decide what permissions to give source-of-truth when you install.

Is it open source?

No. I write a lot of open source but source-of-truth is not. It is a micro-commercial endeavor. But at least for now it's free like beer...